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Why You Need A Whelping Box

Whelping is an integral part of the dog’s daily routine. You may be wondering how to prepare for when you are preparing for whelping in case this is your first time breeding dogs. If you’re breeding a dog and are looking to get puppies, whelping containers will be essential. They not only offer an environment that is safe and clean for mother and her pups however, they also help in controlling temperature and keeping the puppies warm. The majority of whelping boxes have a raised edge to prevent mothers from accidentally stepping over their babies. They also come with heated pads to keep them warm. It is normal to have puppies born blind or deaf. It is crucial to ensure that the whelping area is quiet and well-lit to enable them to settle into their new surroundings. Whelping boxes are clean and safe for puppies to birth in and protect the dam and the pups from any dangers.

A whelping box is a closed area used to protect the mother dog and her puppies during their initial weeks. Whelping bags are not an investment with a high cost, however there are several benefits to it.

It is simple to put together

Whelping is delicate and requires the supervision of a professional As any breeder will tell you. Whelping boxes are a valuable device that creates a secure environment for puppies and mothers. They are easy to construct and are easy to take apart to store or clean.


A Whelping container is an antibacterial product that kills bacteria and germs. It’s designed specifically to be utilized in the whelping area and is kept clean and sanitary. Whelping boxes are safe for use around puppies and dogs It is efficient against many different household pests. Box is efficient in eliminating bacteria and controlling the growth of mold and mildew. It is perfect for use at homes that have pets as well as being employed in commercial settings like kennels, veterinary clinics. Anyone who would like to provide an environment of safety and cleanliness for their pet will find the Whelping box an indispensable device.

Help control the chaos

A whelping box can help to keep the mess contained when you are dealing with puppies. It is vital to have a secure place for your puppies to be born and reside for the first few weeks of their life. A whelping box will help to keep them dry and warm and provides the opportunity to place them away from the from the path of foot traffic. You must also use a whelping basket to help contain the mess from having puppies. You need to be able contain the mess that puppies make. A whelping container is the best option to this.


Whelping boxes are safe and comfortable for parents and their babies. The box is typically covered with soft materials and its sides are high enough to protect the mother from roll over on her babies. The box provides the puppies with a safe, warm place to sleep and nurse. It’s a vital instrument to ensure the safety and health of puppies who are just born.

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