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The Exciting New Web Design Trends

Mobile First

Designers and developers are beginning to build more websites that have a mobile-first perspective as the majority of their revenue comes from that device. To ensure a good UX on these smaller screens, it is vital for designers/developers in web development or design to have previous experience designing these websites as they are crucial when creating an app-based website that needs special attention because of its small size. This is why it’s important to speed up loading times as many people go straight onto their phones to check their email during lunch breaks.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

The April rains are bringing May flowers This is the reason you’re seeing brighter colors and round corners on websites. Like design elements such as profiles or input forms; backgrounds have also transitioned out of using just 90deg angles , to create interest with unique perspectives that keep users interested longer than they were before. It is essential to ensure that your website conforms to current trends. This is a way to establish trust between your potential customers and you.

More Animations and Interactions

JQuery and other web technologies are making animated websites more popular. These scripts help your site become more than solely a device for reading printed text but also provide interactivity between the user and web page elements that was previously limited to the possibilities you could create with images prior launched on the internet.

The web is becoming increasingly interactive. While not reverting back to the 1990s ugly design pages, page transitions, and sliding information panels can be utilized to make your site appear more alive. The enhanced interactivity that comes from methods such as these will help direct traffic to activities that generate revenue on a site that could result in an increase in your per-visit (RPV).


Businesses are increasingly making use of the HTML5 video tag to protect their websites and keep them operating. With more platforms to host video hosting (including streaming), businesses can manage this more effectively than ever before. Utilizing these tags permits companies’ videos to seamlessly integrate into their site and also gives them more options of players.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are becoming increasingly popular. You can use the use of their advantages to boost customer engagement. Video backgrounds can improve the conversion rate of your website as they give more details about the business within a smaller area than conventional images. It makes it more convenient for customers to view videos, even if they aren’t able to read text.

Backgrounds with video can be an effective way to increase branding as well as the number of visitors that return. It has been shown in general, in addition to for certain varieties like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies that aid in growing your business with more time on the site while increasing the engagement of your customers.

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