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Taxi Booking Driver App Features And Benefit

To remain competitive in the marketplace, you need to build a mobile application for your company. The world of technology has drastically changed in recent years and all sorts of innovative ideas are popping up on every corner; this includes taxis as well. Due to the increasing competition from lower-cost transportation services like Uber-like or car rental firms that can provide similar amenities for less money while offering superior customer service as the traditional taxi business being able to adapt quickly enough can help you set your taxi apart from the other taxis who are looking to launch their own version, too.

There are numerous types of taxi apps on the market. The type developed for established businesses in need is the One Type. It lets users reserve their rides in a short time and helps drivers find possible fare options faster than before.

The developers recognized that passengers and drivers require different things, and so they developed two apps. It provides more flexible features for both parties involved giving you the unique opportunity of getting everything you need, without distractions or interruptions.

These are essential features that must be included in driver apps.

A key element to maintaining customer loyalty in the taxi industry is making sure drivers have full control over their apps. Driver-friendly features will allow new customers as well as existing ones to focus on their work with less stress which eventually results in improved service for all.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

Drivers are always more comfortable using apps that ease their work and offer the best practices. The GPS tracking system pinpoints the exact location of passengers but once they have shared their consent it is easy for drivers to find them when they need them.

Button to Check Availability

Drivers will now be able to make use of their phones to sign up for any new requests, and obtain information. That means that they’ll be alerted immediately whenever there’s a new request, giving them the opportunity to locate a new fare with all necessary information like the location.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers will be able to evaluate their overall performance versus other participants and get important statistics on their journeys. Also, you can see the feedback from other riders and find out if there are positive or negative comments.

Alerts via SMS and Email

Cabs will be notified of important messages from passengers via SMS or email alerts. Passengers can also send messages to them via SMS or email. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Start/End your ride

Maps are an easy way to find your destination. The map will show you where the pickup and drop-off points are. This makes it easier for everyone involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

When a customer requests transport they’ll know when it’s accepted or rejected in a matter of seconds. If the driver fails to respond within 15-30 seconds after receiving the notification via the app, it’s a sign that there aren’t any vehicles in the area that are able to transport them.

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