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How To Improve Your Productivity With A Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management is a new concept that was developed to help professionals with knowledge, such as procurement professionals work more efficiently. The personal knowledge management system (KMS) comprises procedures and tools to gather, classify, store and retrieve information that you have collected from your job, and also the capability to share ideas with others who may need the same.

The ability to keep all your data in one place is key to efficiency. When you need it for a task or project you will be able to find the information you require in one place. This type of environment can facilitate ease of workflow and reduce anxiety. There are elements that can be used to create such an environment.


Lifelong learning is essential in becoming a better skilled worker. Continuous self-improvement is crucial as new technologies develop and outdated skills are discarded. This could include attending seminars or conferences, and also reading the latest technical journals in your field of interest as well as looking at sites that offer education courses.


The key to productivity isn’t the amount of tasks you can complete in a specific time and instead, your output’s ability to express your creativity. You can discover your own creativity through the tools and techniques which can be used to boost your skills in creative thinking including Google’s “creative toolkit” or YouTube tutorials for how-to videos that show new methods to accomplish something with only one click.

Information Triage

There’s a lot of information available that it’s important to know how to categorize and prioritize what you read. Your brain may be overwhelmed by the volume of information that is available. That’s exactly what an emergency medicine nurse will be feeling when she is seeing too many patients with different injuries. It will reduce time for everyone by being able to identify the cases that require immediate attention.


Networking doesn’t happen overnight. It’s essential to manage your network. When you meet anyone new, ask them intelligent questions about their expertise. Take note of the answers. Keep the information in a location that is easy to access like a spreadsheet database on a smartphone or any other device. This will help remind yourself who knows what information without having difficulty remembering when or where it was first announced.


You must ensure you’ve got all the facts prior to making any decisions. If you find something you’ve learned which doesn’t make sense or isn’t clear you should ask questions! Be specific in your questions so that people can provide more details without feeling stressed. This will help avoid confusion that could occur later when someone has given more details than the other due to being given fewer questions.


It’s essential to have excellent communication skills to be successful. It’s vital to communicate your ideas effectively and quickly that’s why good communication capabilities are needed and writing abilities as well as PowerPoint presentations that can be shared with others effectively. The two-way street concept allows both parties to have a discussion to use their toolsets. Make sure to ask questions when needed to avoid misunderstandings.

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