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For membership information, contact:
Peg Johnston, Membership Director
PO Box 4
Valrico, Florida  33595

(813) 685-1656

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Membership Application!

Individual Membership Categories

Recreational Dancers:

Ballroom Dancer: A keen dancer and supporter of Dance-Sport who does not compete but strives to dance at proficiency levels similar to those who do compete. This category may include retired DanceSport Athletes.   Annual Fee: $35

Social Adult Dancer: Enjoys and appreciates the physical, mental, and social benefits of ballroom dancing.   Annual Fee: $25

Social Youth Dancer: A social dancer under the age of 19.   Annual Fee: $10

Social Dance Teacher: An individual who is engaged in the teaching of social dance who does not compete as a professional and does not instruct those who will be competing in USA Dance Events..   Annual Fee: $50

USA DanceSport Athletes:
Amateur Dancers who participate in DanceSport competitions:

Adult DanceSport Athlete: A competitive dancer who is age 19 or above.   Annual Fee: $60

Student DanceSport Athelete: A competitive dancer who is age of 19 or above but below age 35 and is enrolled in school full time.  Annual Fee: $20

Minor DanceSport Athlete: A competitive dancer who is below the age of 19.   Annual Fee: $15

Professional DanceSport Athlete: A competitve dancer who declares him or herself as a professional.   Annual Fee: $65

Special Olympics DanceSport:  Qualifies for participating in Special Olympics competitions only.   Annul Fee: $10

Unified DanceSport Sports Partner: Dance Partner of Special Olympis Athlete - for participating in Special Olympics only.   Annual Fee: $25

Other Individual Members

Dancesport Professional: An individual who serves in an official capacity,(i.e. judge, emcee, music director, invigilator, organizer, chairperson of judges, IDSF Adjudicator, etc.) in the field of DanceSport and/or ballroom dance.   Annual Fee: $70

Membership Application

For a short history of USA Dance, click here.

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Or by Mail
SouthernStar Chapter USA Dance
PO Box 4
Valrico, Florida  33594

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