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The SouthernStar Chapter of USABDA presents

The Mid Summer Classic XII
All Amateur DanceSport
Championship Competition!

Held on July 30, 2005
at the
Elegant Rhapsody Ballroom
12101 North 56th Street, Tampa

The SouthernStar MidSummer Classic XII is now in the record books.  We had a wonderful day and lots of great competition.

Thanks to all the GREAT COMPETITORS that took part in our comp.  You are the life blood of any competition!

Thanks to all the enthusiastic spectators.   Dancers will dance just that much better for an excited, attentive crowd.

Thanks to the extremely qualified panel of judges.  It is always a pleasure to be judged by such expertise.

Thanks for the use of the Rhapsody Ballroom.  What a great place to dance.

Thanks to all the great volunteers that made the whole day come off with out a flaw.

Thanks to Richard Collet our MC for moving the day along.

Thanks to Mike & Peg Johnston for the best music around. 

Thanks for Michael & Beth Nolan for a very fine job of organizing this comp.


Mark your calendar for  July 29, 2006 for
Midsummer Classic XIII.

For Results of Competition!

Competition Photos!
Check out the photos from the Competition. I have to apologize if you danced either Smooth or Standard.  Since all of us taking pictures were dancing in Smooth & Standard, then there are not many pictures in those areas.  I regret that we did not get photos of many really beautiful dancers, especially those from out of the area and out of state. What I feel even worse about is that most of the pictures we do have for the Standard is of Michael & Beth, and Nikki & myself.  I will not go into how that happened, but next year we will try to do better.
Those taking pictures were Nikki Dvorak, Michael & Beth Nolan, Alfonso Chen, Scot Coates, and me.

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For results & photos of 2003 competition, click here.
For results & photos of 2004 competition, click here.

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